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Web Developer Commonly Used Programs

This is an outline of programs, plug-ins, and stuff that can help you get started building webpages.

A computer: anything that runs should be okay

FTP Program: Notepad++, Transmit (Mac), Filezilla

Text Editor/IDE: Notepad++, PHP Storm, TextMate,

Image Editor: Photoshop, GIMP

Web Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer

Firefox browser plugins: firebug, web developer, colorzilla, measureit

Chrome and IE have developer tools of varying usefulness already built in.

Infusionsoft Thoughts – A Unique look at how to use tags for businesses


-contacted us
-we targeted


-topic A
-topic B
-topic C

*Customer – Current
*Customer – Past

*Fired – We Terminated
*Fired – They Terminated

TED Talk – Grégoire Courtine on Project Rewalk

This blew my mind.

Litter Pick Up – 2014 06 18

photo (1)

Litter Pick Up – 2014 06 07


Frogtown Challenge

It seems like there are ton of the obstacle course races all over the place nowadays. One of them is the Frogtown Challenge. I happen to live within spitting distance of Frogtown. If I was ever going to do this type of thing this would be the one. I’ve got links to the main site and the registration below.

Augmented reality and sports

This blows my mind.

Sales Goal Bonus – USB powered goodies

At our company with sometimes have big or small sales goals and we get big or small rewards if we make them. These are some cool things I found that might be a good idea for a small reward.

$10 USB fan

$10 Mario Lap

$20 1 soda can usb powered cooler

My 3 favorite youtube channels of the moment – 2014 05 May

So I currently subscribe to 106 different youtube channels. If you didn’t know you could subscribe to youtube channels you need to up your game. Here are my top 3 channels at the moment (it’s really more than 3 but whatever I’m making up the rules).

Mobility WOD


The Mobility WOD is a project by Crossfit gym owner and coach Kelly Starrett. He’s a super buff dude but these videos are all about being flexible and in good positions during workouts and during everyday activities.

All time 10s

All time 10s

All time 10s is a collection of short (2-4 minutes) of top 10 lists. They are just slides with music playing in the background so you can really watch them on mute. That’s good for places where you’re not supposed to be watching videos. But they are on really interesting topics. Things like: Top 10 Places You Aren’t Allowed To Visit, Illegal Baby Names, and 10 Children’s Books You Didn’t Know Were Racist.

The Colleen Balligner group of channels

youtube colleen and miranda

This last one is the one that is cheating. Colleen Balligner has a channel but then she also has a character Miranda Sings who has a channel. Her brother Chris Balligner has a channel so does her sister Rachel. Her boyfriend has one. Her gay best friend has one. And between that lot you get a new video just about everyday and they are all funny or interesting or entertaining or something.