Liter Pick Up – 2014 10 20

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Some people can see more colors!!!

Web Developer Commonly Used Programs

This is an outline of programs, plug-ins, and stuff that can help you get started building webpages.

A computer: anything that runs should be okay

FTP Program: Notepad++, Transmit (Mac), Filezilla

Text Editor/IDE: Notepad++, PHP Storm, TextMate,

Image Editor: Photoshop, GIMP

Web Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer

Firefox browser plugins: firebug, web developer, colorzilla, measureit

Chrome and IE have developer tools of varying usefulness already built in.

Infusionsoft Thoughts – A Unique look at how to use tags for businesses


-contacted us
-we targeted


-topic A
-topic B
-topic C

*Customer – Current
*Customer – Past

*Fired – We Terminated
*Fired – They Terminated

TED Talk – Grégoire Courtine on Project Rewalk

This blew my mind.

Litter Pick Up – 2014 06 18

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Litter Pick Up – 2014 06 07


Frogtown Challenge

It seems like there are ton of the obstacle course races all over the place nowadays. One of them is the Frogtown Challenge. I happen to live within spitting distance of Frogtown. If I was ever going to do this type of thing this would be the one. I’ve got links to the main site and the registration below.

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