Tim Ferriss – 4 Hour Work Week

The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss is a book that has been very influential to me. It’s about choosing goals, being effective and efficient, making sure what your doing has impact, leveraging your talents and the talents of others, free time up to spend it how you would like, and tons and tons of other reality shifting ideas.

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You should also check out The 4 hour work week blog.

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Favorite Cursors

So the cursor is what your mouse looks like on the screen. Everyone pretty much knows the basics: arrow, text, click. But there are lots of cool ones that web browsers give you. Here are some cools ones.

The red don’t sign called not-allowed.

The spinning progress bar.



So those are some cool ones, there are a bunch more but those are the ones I like.


The HEAP is a reverse acronym for The Hightower Environmental Awesomeness Project. It’s what I call the house I live at now which is a 1950s era brick house my grandfather built and my perspective on life.

Hightower is an older name for the general area and at one point it was even on Google Maps. Modern folks have been trying to extend another local place name, Matt, onto this area but I still like Hightower.

The Environmental Awesomeness Project speaks to my interests in the natural environmental and ecology as well as the built environment that relate to topics of land use, planning, architecture, interior design, and art.